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Scale Genesis connects sales & software engineering professionals with a global network of high-growth companies.


Our team works hard to build lasting partnerships, combining hard skills assessments with a human view of each candidate’s ambitions, interests and long-term career goals.

We match job-seeker profiles to our extensive community of hiring managers, from dominant international market leaders to start-ups, scale-ups and challenger brands looking to change the game.

To learn more about our vacancies, search below or get in touch with our team.


The crypto and blockchain markets move at head-spinning speed. For candidates, it’s hard to keep track of the market opportunities or accurately assess where in the community is the right next step for your career.
By leveraging our extensive network of hiring teams across the global marketplace, we give candidates access to an international range of dynamic, challenging and perfectly-matched opportunities that fit their financial, technical and career objectives.

We fill roles at all levels of seniority across a varied client base ranging from established multinationals to boutique specialists and dynamic start-ups.
We help developers move up into management roles, managers progress to ‘head of’ or VP roles, and allow permanent staff to find new freedom through contract assignments.